All children 5 years and over are welcome to enrol at Woodville School. If new to town, you are welcome to visit, meet the teachers and principal. We believe it is important for children and their whānau to feel safe and valued in their school. We’ll provide opportunities to excel and succeed in academics, the arts, or sports! If you would like your child(ren) to be part of our school then we welcome you to visit us to see what we’re all about.   

Please call into the school office or phone the office (06 3765 276) and an enrollment form will be posted out. 

Transition to School Programme

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Transition to School Programme 

Starting school is an exciting and important step in your child’s life – and your own!  At Woodville School, we look forward to working with you and your child to make this important stage rewarding and positive.

Children are welcome to join Kakano – Woodville Schools transition to school programme,  once a week for up to 8 sessions prior to their fifth birthday.  The programme takes place every Wednesday 9am – 11.30am.
We advocate for a successful transition to school and understand that each child is unique and each child’s ‘transition to school’ experience is different.  We are happy to meet to discuss what transition can look like for your child.

Initially the focus for your child is that they are happy and settled when coming to school. We will start formal literacy teaching when we feel your child is developmentally ready.  For some children this is as soon as they start school and for other children it may take them several weeks before they are ready.

Kakano Transition to School Programme promotes the NZ curriculum key competencies through purposeful ‘play based’ activities that develop:

⦁ Oral language 
⦁ Social skills – friendships
⦁ Foundation literacy and numeracy skills 
⦁ Self-managing skills to support independence with participating in class and school routines
Our staff are committed to meeting the needs of all children and their special attributes are valued.
We have an open door policy and value the communication between home and school.
If you would like your child to take part in the Kakano transition programme, or you would like to meet to discuss your child’s transition further, please contact: Kakano Class Teacher – Lara Pierey 06 3765276  lpierey@woodville.school.nz or fill in your details over leaf and I will make contact with you.

School enrolment forms are available at our School Office. They are also available at the local pre-schools or can be posted out if you contact the school office – 06 3765 276.