Ka Ora, Ka Ako | healthy school lunches programme

About Ka Ora, Ka Ako | the healthy school lunches programme

Woodville School is part of the Ka Ora, Ka Ako | the healthy school lunches programme which aims to reduce food insecurity by providing access to a nutritious lunch in school every day. 

Regular nutritious food is vital for children’s physical, mental and educational development. It affects their ability to focus, concentrate and learn.

Ka Ora, Ka Ako aims to reduce food insecurity by providing access to a nutritious lunch every day. Research indicates that reducing food insecurity for children and young people:

improves wellbeing
supports child development and learning
improves learners’ levels of concentration, behaviour and school achievement
reduces financial hardship amongst families and whānau
addresses barriers to children’s participation in education and promotes attendance at school
boosts learners’ overall health.

When will Ka Ora, Ka Ako start?

Woodville School will start serving lunches and morning tea from Day 1, Term 1, 2021. 

Menu information

A typical weekly lunch menu includes a variety of lunches such as wraps, vegetable sticks, dips, salads, soups, and hot lunches. Menus may also change from term to term to reflect available fresh produce and the season, and any feedback from schools and students.

Food preparation

Woodville School have employed two local community members as our chefs, they are Ann and Jayde. They have undergone recent training to be able to prepare food that must comply with Food Act 2014 and be aware of allergies and allergens. The school has worked with Ministry of Education and Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to provide a food safety plan suitable for Woodville School.

Registration Certificate MPI006224 2021-01-28.pdf

Upgrading Facilities

Being part of the Healthy Lunches Programme has allowed our school to be generously supported by the Ministry of Education to upgrade aspects of our Kitchen and dining facilities. For example, new stove, cook tops, dishwasher, plates, utensils. Unfortunately, due to COVID and the accessibility to resources we don’t yet have them all. So we’re being flexible in working with what we do have. 

Will my child need to bring lunch to school?

The short answer is no. Morning tea and lunch will be provided to your child. However, if they bring their own, we trust you’ll support us in providing a healthy lunch. 

Zero waste

The Woodville School kitchen is developing a zero-waste policy, to reduce food wastage, and minimise the use of plastic single-use items.


For students attending Woodville School there will be no cost to their parents/caregivers. 

Child Youth and Wellbeing Strategy

The Ka Ora, Ka Ako programme is part of the Government’s Child Youth and Wellbeing Strategy. Children and Young People have what they need is one of the key outcomes. Providing food to children at school is one-way government can directly address poverty and food insecurity, and positively impact children’s wellbeing.