Our Teaching Philosophy

Woodville School’s Approach to Learning:

Woodville School’s approach to learning is based on latest research and recognises that there are a number of intertwined processes that need to be present and working together to ensure accelerated learning is able to take place. Firstly, a recognised pedagogy that teachers can easily understand and implement through Deliberate Acts of Teaching. At Woodville School we follow Visible Learning. To meet the requirements of the NZC we have an Integrated curriculum that sees the key learning outcomes delivered through localised content. Assessment is against well-developed learning indicators and involves whanau participating in goal setting and real-time reporting (Hero and Seesaw). Through regular formative assessments teachers will Inquire (TAI) into their practice to constantly refine and improve the impact they are having on student learning. To ensure learning takes place the Hauora of students, staff and whanau is paramount and this is achieved by everyone following the principles of Glasser’s Theory – Love, Power, Freedom and Fun. The fundamental belief that everyone can learn and has the right to learn in a non-judgemental, friendly community with equal access to quality education and the resources to achieve this.