Stationery for 2023

Stationery packs for each classroom are to be purchased at the school office. Teaching and learning programmes vary slightly in each room hence the different prices.

Room 4 – Ms Scott: $35.78

Room 5 – Ms Mel: $44.91

Room 6 – Mrs Flynn: $32.23

Room 8 – Mrs Thomson: $14.48

Room 9 – Whaea Tanya: $27.23

Please pay for this at the school office or online through internet banking. The school account number is: 12-3143-0429078-00

As your child completes a book they can get another from the office and we will notify you of the cost. 

Stationery can be covered by a regular weekly payment that can cover uniform costs, technology (Y7 and 8), trips and other costs which may pop up over the year. It is important to make sure you make clear reference to your child’s name/s when using internet banking.